Elle meets Helena Christensen

Is it just me or did Helena look really hot in Elle this month? She is a stunning model, there is not many models who can wear nothing and still look 'fashionable' other than just being naked with a nice body. I love that about her.

The quote that Elle subtitled in her interview was a big statement too. It spoke to me. Since I'm one of those people who don't like to 'fit in' when it comes to my style, it actually made me think.

'Style is a strange thing. Who determines who has style? I think you have to have a f*** everybody attitude about it. I'm gonna do what I feel like doing... and I don't care'

I really need to think like that. I don't know how I gain so much attention from my peers but I do. The way I pick up my pencil draws some what of attraction from others, apparently I just have that aura. Just imagine my style, well it's true 'who determines style?' Well technically its you so... wear what you want or wear nothing if you can pull it off I guess (and are over 18 -- paedophiles will really enjoy your company other wise).

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