The 60s

Okay, let us go back to a time where worries were exposed through song and smiling was as fashionable as not smiling. The 60s. I know I did not exist in this time, but I feel like I miss it so much! As I go through songs, pictures and videos from this time I almost feel a sense of nostalgia. This period was made for me. Stand By Me by Ben E King really lifted my mood and took me to my happy place today. I know I sound slightly crazy when I say that, but this weekend did not go according to plan, leaving me sitting at home alone doing unfinished work, sulking about Andy Murray losing and searching for my camera usb (which explains the dearth of my original photos). 

Yesterday I went to a festival not knowing that I needed someone over the age of 18 to get in. So my friends and I casually strolled in to be shunned back home. This left me very depressed and feeling like I had wasted what could have been an excited weekend. If anyone has a time machine, please let me know so that I can go to a happier time. I would not mind a younger me, but I would much prefer if you plopped me in the 60s and left me there. Maybe Ben would not mind taking me as his daughter. What do you think? 60s? 


Fighting Against What You Love...

Old Dr. Martens
I love Dr Martens. I have always loved them, but their growing popularity amongst pretty much every teenager has stopped me from getting them. I recently bought similar shoes from a different brand called Shellys [ you may have seen them in my Hackney Weekend post]. I'll post up the photos very soon. So what do you think?  If you love something, but getting it goes against your morals would you go for it? Let me know.

Vintage House

My house does not have to be big, but it must be vintage. There is nothing more important to be than having a vintage interior design in my house when I grow. My parents have kept our house modern and fresh. It certainly fits in with the time we are in, but I want my house to look old. I like it old. So old that nearly every item is double my age or at least looks it.

Photos curtesy of  www.codeforsomething.com and theberry.com



As you can see from this photo, I am not the only person adding paisley to their wardrobe. I may have been one of few wearing paisley at Radio 1's festival, but it was a fashion staple on the catwalk this S/S. I was told that a paisley covered items of clothing screamed 'I should be in bed', but that person was wrong, it screams 'I shouldn't be caught dead without it'. 

BBC Radio 1: Hackney Weekend


Hackney Weekend was definitely what I needed after the exams. The crazy atmosphere bolstered the perfect mix of indie, rock and pop which left me wanting more. I spent the next day tapping to my favourite tunes and explaining why I looked so tired or boasting as some would call it. On the other hand, the downside was the journey home as I didn't actually get back home until early the next day. I would do it again either way. 

I wore Urban Outfitters shorts and top with h&m hoodie, Shellys shoes and Jack Wills gilet. The feathers in my hair was a present. 


Thing of the Day: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Not only has the name of this blog stole my heart, but her nails. Any person who knows me, also knows that I have a wide selection of pink nail varnish. Not because this is my favourite colour, but because I simply love it. My love from pink nail varnish stemmed from my love for vintage clothing; I feel like my clothes, which I am sure have been worn by a 70 year old when they were an adolescent screamed for something vibrant to be worn with it. I've never thought to wear a different shade on every nail, but this subtle and elegant transition from pink to orange has inspired me to be a little bit more fun with my nails varnish. Good bye crackles and glitter, hello pink, pink and other pink.

photo by cupcakesandcashmere.com

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It's Never Too Late

It has been more than a while, but I think I am back to stay. Exams definitely took over my life the last few months. They are over now so no need to worry. I was meant to wait until the summer to start a post, but these photos reminded me that it's time to get back on track. I decided to wait until the summer, however, a very small girl in a very fashionable outfit reminded me not to forget about the things I love. I seemed to have forgotten how much I love to blog. The main problem is getting back into it once you have stopped. It's so easy to become lost.  I've been blogging for a while now and hopefully the stress of growing will not make me forget that I enjoy doing this. See you tonight.

Photos by  www.cocomilk-vs-fashion.tumblr.com


'A Mocha With an Extra Shot of Influence Please'

I love coffee. I love it black, I love it with milk, I love a frap, I love it strong, I love it iced, I love it with friends, I love it on my own, I even love an espresso. This is something many of my friends have grown to know me for. However, this was not always the case; I actually used to hate coffee. I am not sure how this changed exactly, but I know that on the way home, my friends used to always have the need to stop by the coffee shop and so my love began to grow. It started with herbal tea (which i also love), moved on to Chai Tea then hot chocolate, a mocha and eventually, I had tried nearly every coffee option in Starbucks. This has taught me over the years that friends can have the biggest influence on you. It is a weird conclusion to make, but a true one. Today it is coffee. What is it tomorrow?


Someone You Should Know: Emily Burns

Over the weekend, I spent a good amount of time in the countryside. On my final night, we went to an interesting nightclub in Rugby called The Vault. This place was buzzing with people all talking about one person, which happened to be Emily Burns. I knew she was good, but did not expect her amazing voice accompanied by only a guitar to bring the club together in the way it did.  This I have to say, was a great way to end what already was an amazing day! My favourite song of the night was called 'Plasters, Glitter and Glue'. This song was not the most popular song that she played, but it was my favourite. I cannot wait to hear more from her... I will keep you posted.


A Child Once Is A Child Forever

They say that you should work as hard as you play, but it seems that once we hit a certain age we try so hard not to be embarrassed that we forget to have fun. I have concluded this is why I usually end up on a Mary-Go-Round by myself whenever I go out with friends. I can see in their eyes that they want to be on it too, but they are all too 'suave' to join me in my fun. You can call me childish, immature and maybe even mentally disturbed, but I'm the girl smiling and having a nice time while you stand at the corner with puckered lips, phone in hand, gazing deeply into the distance. To be fair, at my age, I should probably be the latter, but I know that deep in my heart there is child surrounded my all this self inflicted maturity that I try to maintain on weekdays. Will you unleash your inner child?


Underage Festival

After a long week relaxing with my friends in Leicestershire, I got the urge to go to a festival. 'The Underage Festival' fit in perfectly with my schedule and I thought I saw Vampire Weekend on the list. Even though Vampire weekend did not play, it was literally swell. A toast to that day!


Now Your Just Somebody That I Used To Know..

This song reminds me of one of my own relationships. It began very sweet and lovely and ended with an awkward glance when we happened to brush into each other. I always found relationships strange; you go from 'in love' to ' Somebody That I Used To Know' in a split second.

If you have never heard of Gotye, please check him out and then check Kimbra out. These two artists have definitely made it clear that Australia is moving up in the world.