Caractères d'Animal

Animal prints have been in for a long time and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. The real problem here is how to wear it with out actually looking like an animal yourself. The number one rule to wearing animal print is not to over do it! A little print is prefect, but no-one should wear it from head to toe - unless they are the animal of course.

"I chose animal print because every girl likes to be as wild as a tiger but as sweet as a small cat" - Roberto Cavalli on Running In Heels

ROBERTO CAVALLI - Silk animal-print blouse

The best thing to do is to wear the animal print with something monotone (e.g black, brown, grey). This way you make the dull piece look more stylish and the animal print toned down.

Socks Were Never Meant Just For Your Feet

Don't be shocked in 2010 if knee high socks are being worn as often as flares in the 60s. Especially for something so transeasonal I'm surpised it took so long to get its moment in the lime light.

And when I say knee high I mean - above the knee, below the knee, on the knee and any other knee related pair of socks created. Every fashionista out there should be expecting the best and the worst of the knee high sock generation it is really going to be a great year. Can you feel it? I surely can.


Jenny With a Twist

What She's Wearing
Loeffler Randall Cape Coat : $556.00
3.1 Phillip Lim Plaid Cardigan : $375.00
Bruno Frisoni Ankle Boots
YSL Roady Bag

In season three of Gossip Girl Jenny Humphrey decided to cast both rebellious and innocent girl looks to be more true to herself. She really is looking good - she seems to of combined both of her worlds into one to give her the edgy rock princess look (and I like that look a lot). I think I speak for everyone when I say we are loving it. Jenny shows, you do not have to wear white steal the show at a wedding and you don't have to look... well like Blair W to get all attention on you when you walk into a ball. Watch out for Jenny, if they can put threesomes in GG you really don't know what to expect.
“Keep your eye on little Jenny Humphrey,” creator Josh Schwartz recently teased about the show's 2010 return.
I found a video about the secrets to Jenny's style check it out !


Fashion never started but you realised what it was in your teens


Your teens are the perfect time to commit all your fashion mistakes. You are not too cute and not too mature which makes social embarrassment not as bad. It is the perfect time to establish that flared jeans, a crop top and dr martins should never meet and certain outfits really do stop being cute. For most of us that is how it is or was. However, some of us seem to be getting it right from the start. A round of applause to those special girls.


You look at someone from head to toe and you see the perfect outfit you forget how easy it is for one thing to ruin that whole look/ imagine/ opinion. Imagine Serena Vanderwoodsen wearing black platform goth boots - I think you get the picture.


Sometimes it is the simplest things that can make the biggest difference you don't have to go out of your way to be fashionable. What is fashion? Who chooses what is fashionable? Is there ever an outfit that EVERYONE hates?



My Dream, Her Reality

Every little girl dreams to have everything handed to her by the ring of a bell. When I was very little I had dreams about being a paediatrician and growing up to help every little kid that entered the hospital. I don't really know how I knew what it was at such a young age but I did (and I damn well had the brains for it).

Mina-Jacqueline Au (socialite) takes us on a tour of her day during Fashion Week

Later in life I grew up and stayed smart but now my dreams are a bit different - just an iota.If there was one thing I want to be in life it's asocialite!

Mina-Jacqueline Au allows us to see what its like to be a socialite in New York

The money, the fashion, the glamour, the people who see you as a role model, I WANT IT ALL. You can call me plastic, I don't mind as long as my bag is juicy couture and my dress Vivienne Westwood - I don't care!


Ehrm No! LBDs Are A Girl's Best Friend

Every girl should have a little black dress. I've just seen the hottest one from Juicy Couture - its a Sequined silk-chiffon dress (even the description is beautiful).

Dress - Juicy Couture; Heels - Camilla Skovaard; Jacket - Helmut Lang

Slap on a necklace and walk out the house you'll be the hottest one within miles (or wear a clutch). I just can't wait to grow up and move to New York. I think I'll fit right in.

I was just thinking about the dress with a clutch bag and then just look what I find. Great minds really do think alike.


My life is a parallel universe

I need some serious guidance. What do I want to be in the future? That is the biggest question I am carrying around on my brain cells. Both of my options have similar ways of living... but which one would I prefer? You get to see and travel the world, meet new people and see cool things and the other one you get to see and travel the world, meet new people and see cool things. That was no help. So how do I chose?


I love to think I could be one of those people to build the biggest most inspirational buildings in the world and when someone walks in front of that building. They will think wow, that person has done a really great job.

Fashion Columnist/ Editor in chief of magazine

Get to meet, wear and comment on the coolest people in the media. Another way of expressing yourself.

While my friends are out playing in the snow and screaming about the next hot boy they are fancying, I am sat at home racking my brains out. If I fail I don't have parents to give me millions to get back on my feet. Its so hard for me to make up my mind up. You look at adults of today and think they've got it all figured out you forget they had to go through all of this as well. it kills me to think I could grow up to be an underachiever or to realise I wish I had chosen a different path to the one I have chosen and I really have to start thinking now. My childish thoughts are officially over time to grow up.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 11

zSHARE video - gossip.fqm47465_www.movieinfo.blog.com_.avi.flv

The saddest Episode yet,not only does Serena get into a car crash on the anniversary of Bart Bass' death but the ending really takes your breath way. I'm starting to forget this is all made up by a guy with a typewriter it seems to get more realistic everyday.

Designer of the Year

It's the end of the year and I think we need to give an applause to the new designers of 2009 that have really made something of them selves. The person who really caught my eye this year and has his own line with Topshop is Christopher Kane

He lives in a studio/flat in Hackney with his sister, (where I grew up) brings a tear to my eye. The exclusive collection he designed for Topshop sold out within two hours of going on sale! Two hours, that is very outstanding. I know what I will be looking out for next time I go shopping.

His second professional cat walk being London's Fashion week.

Check him out!


Elle meets Helena Christensen

Is it just me or did Helena look really hot in Elle this month? She is a stunning model, there is not many models who can wear nothing and still look 'fashionable' other than just being naked with a nice body. I love that about her.

The quote that Elle subtitled in her interview was a big statement too. It spoke to me. Since I'm one of those people who don't like to 'fit in' when it comes to my style, it actually made me think.

'Style is a strange thing. Who determines who has style? I think you have to have a f*** everybody attitude about it. I'm gonna do what I feel like doing... and I don't care'

I really need to think like that. I don't know how I gain so much attention from my peers but I do. The way I pick up my pencil draws some what of attraction from others, apparently I just have that aura. Just imagine my style, well it's true 'who determines style?' Well technically its you so... wear what you want or wear nothing if you can pull it off I guess (and are over 18 -- paedophiles will really enjoy your company other wise).

She Had Some Fun, Her Beat Was Sick So They Asked Her To Take a Ride On Gossip Girl

What would we do without Lady Gaga or Gossip Girl, well we certainly wouldn't be enjoying Episode 10 of Gossip Girl's Season 3.If you can't tell, I am a big fan of GG; even after the gossip blasts slowly disintegrated into nothing. They really took a big turn when they gave Lady Gaga a place in their books and not only that but having the the episode relate to her. What an exciting way to resolve a threesome, get a Lady Gaga twist of classic Children stories to put all the pieces together. However this idea came about I love it. AND I love LGaga's look (I will never get over it), such a non-conformist I love that about her.