The xx- Heart Skipped a Beat

In my life, I have experienced a lot of 'love'. I think Love is such a weird thing. It has many levels: from generic love, such as loving a meal, to agape Love. It is such a powerfull word that can create or destroy any relationship. Should so much power be put in a single word?

With all the greatness that this word brings, I am scared of it. They say it is something you cannot control. That gives me the idea that Love controls us. We fall in love, we think about that person all the time, we want them to be happy before we are, but do not get to choose when we feels this way and towards whom .


Twin Magazine

If you have never heard of Twin magazine, then you you are most certainly missing out. I went to one of Twin's events in Old Street and I must say, it was very fun.

The theme of the party definitely represented them from the drinks made from scratch to the creative appetisers.I also skimmed through the pages of the magazine and realised this was not like any ordinary magazine - I am not talking about the fact is hard back and very very thick. It has a unique edge like no other, which Ralph Lauren seems to agree.


photography by me


To Love Is To Lie

He looked me in the eyes,
Tells me he loves me,
I postulate the pros of being with someone so divine,
But i reply with a heavy heart,
'I do not love anymore'.
His once so bright and beautiful eyes glisten,
The pain so apparent that I struggle to hide my own.
oh love, my love, this is your fault,
this heart of mine does not mend.

Poem by Myself
Ring bought at a convention a few years ago