WORLD AIDS DAY - Journée Mondiale du SIDA

1st December 2013 was World AIDS Day. With loads of thought and preparation, we managed to create and exciting and informative day for the members of Diapalante, with drama, art, talks and question time.Our celebration of the day began the night before, with an introduction with the adults. They created an article in either English or French on AIDS. We picked one piece of work to be stuck around the centre on World AIDS Day for everyone to read. These two students also became Students of the Month for their hard work.

To get the kids involved I had a small morning lesson with them, where they created posters relating to the day. I motivated them with promises of sweet and their work around the centre. The kids were excited to have their posters up  (and some mints),  poking and prodding me until their poster had been stuck up somewhere around the centre.

The afternoon began with preparing the outside of the centre for the big drama. All the members got involved, picking up the rubbish and scraping the sand to make the ground flat. If you would like to see team work at its best, I propose watching Africans work together.


With both the centre tidy and posters stuck up, the event began. It commenced with a small speech by member and local teacher, Mr Salle. I would tell you what was said if I understood!

After Mr Salle's speech, the drums began; the play had started. The play was an exciting way to get everyone thinking about AIDS, with army members using condoms to kill the 'great SIDA'. It being the only time where it has ever been appropriate to laugh when learning about such a serious topic .

Last, but not least, was the talk and question time with specialists, only for those over the age of fifteen. Sadly, I could only understand the bare minimum due to that pesky language barrier creeping out to bite me again. The members seemed very interested though, asking loads of questions. I have never seen them so attentive!  

photos by Cheikh, photographer and member of the centre, and I


"I grew up in a household where everybody lived at the top of his lungs." Frank Langella

Hello, so today, I am going to take you on a little tour of my host family's house. I do not live with them, but I have breakfast lunch and dinner with them. I will take you on a tour of where I actually live, which also happens to be where I work, very soon. 
Welcome to the house of the Kane Family. Come inside! 
So here is our courtyard. This is probably where our spend most of the time with the family, other than when we are sitting outside, watching people walk by. The television doesn't seem to have a place as it often moves around the house. 
This is what I like to call "Mama's Seat". She is not the only one who sits there, but it's best to give it to her when she's around... unless the fold out bed happens to be in the courtyard also. 
Now this is the living room. We often watch the tv in the courtyard with the tv blocking the entrance of the living room. The living room is normally hot and full of mosquitoes so this is the next best thing. 

This is one of the bedrooms. Who is this beautiful person in my picture?
The kitchen is this way.

Almost there now.
Welcome to the kitchen. Where all the ceebu gen is is made. 

This door is on the other side of the kitchen. It's not the prettiest so I'll leave you to guess what the place it leads to looks like. It's where the wash stuff and put old things. 

So I think I've shown you all I'm able to show. There are more bedrooms, but I think you get the idea. The Kane house is a lovely home, mainly because the people who are inside I've learnt to love. Judging by the amount of people that are in and out of the house every day, I think the whole community feels the same way.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour. Please come and visit again soon.