For 14 years I thought I was a bionic girl who was immune to catching any form of diseases, virus or allergy. I was the only child in probably the whole school who hadn't missed a day of school (which is probably the real reason I get good marks)and I was quite proud of myself... sadly the streak is no more. I understand that I am a non-conformist and I do my own thing but why did my immune system decide it wanted to have the weirdest of allergies I could think of... if you haven't guessed it - which I highly doubt you have - I'm allergic to the rain. Well probably something in the rain but we don't need to go all chemistry on it, I've had enough of that with my science GCSE test coming up next week. It all started one day I was walking to church and I forgot my umbrella but couldn't be bothered to anything about it so I just kept walking while droplets of death fell down from the sky. My skin became all itchy, red and loads of bumps and patches started to form all over. So when I got to church I looked for a doctor who explained it to me. Then that was the end of it I did nothing about it and thought nothing about it. If you are a Londoner or Essex girl like I am both of then you would know that it's been raining everyday lately, I never actually thought anything of it besides that I did not want to get wet... but for some reason my ears started itching then my eyes then my nose then eventually I started coughing and things started gradually getting worse. I've never had allergies before so I wouldn't actually think anything of it besides that I most have a cold. So yesterday me being the naive teenager that I am I decided to walk in the rain again (it was only really light droplets) but then my skin went itchy. Memories started to flood back and that was when I realized... I'm having a allergic reaction. Anytime soon I should be on my way to the doctor. I guess I won't be having any of those movie moments in the rain anytime soon.


You can't tell me this girl doesn't look hot and that vintage jacket just puts everything together perfectly!


I don't know why I'm complaining when it's snowing in New York but damn my nose is killing me and I'm not use to this whole being sick thing.


“I think everything happens for a reason, so there is no such thing as fail.”


I must say I love Mary-Kate Olsen, I really do, but this dress is something i'm not a very big fan of. She looks hot in nearly everything and I love her inconformity but sometimes we just forget there is a line and that line can be crossed. Just make sure you look 100 % hot when you do decide to...

Quote by The Mary-Kate herself.

"When I was a teenager, I was really angry at the world, a true rebel."

A day with my new camera in a friends house

Sometimes I forget that I am just a teenager and teenagers should be doing teenagery things and not worrying twenty for seven about what university I'll be going to or what I am going to be in the future. I know I shouldn't leave it entirely up to 'Future Precious' either no matter how awesome she may be for all the stuff she will have to deal with because I just have no time to deal with it now. I must get her a present one of these days. Haha!

The front of a law firm in Liverpool Street (London)

It's weird how when your a teenager being in a relationship is the most time consuming, desired but yet most awkward thing ever. Now that I actual think about it all the people that tell me what to do and how to act and blah have as much as a clue as I do since they are the same age as me and going through the same things. We're all just hormone driven, confused people with no experience walking around like zombies on speed thinking we know it all. I can't wait until I'm matured and can actually look back and think 'Ha! I was so stupid' and crindge at all the embarrassing photos, video and memories that would of accumulated over the years.

Quote taken from a guy called heapocra


I Was Born To Tell You I Love You!

I know I am a little late but that was probably because I was annoyed by all the roses and loved up people while I was on the train. Weirdly enough i don't know why since I was asked out the day before by a guy I've had a crush on for about 8 months AND I love roses and anything romantic.

Some people are really into valentines day

Honestly I have to say she does look cute And heck! Every holiday is a reason to put on an outfit that would be embarrassing at any other time of the year, that's what they are made for... right?


Last year was going to be the first time I was going out for valentines day. That ended up as a massive fail. The day before I wasn't going into school so I sent the guy a text saying 'I'm not coming in' and he translated that to 'I'm not going with you anymore'. As you must of figured I was left standing outside of the cinema screening for quite a while, feeling very embarrassed.

Title taken from the song 'your call' by Secondhand Serenade.


The Love Thing

The LOVE Thing from LOVE on Vimeo.

I was going to go out and take some pictures today on my new camera but silly british weather failed me once again. So I'm just sat here while my tv says 'no satellite beng recieved'. Check out this video though, LOVE IT!


Wear are you?

by Olivia L., 17 year old wanderlust from Orange county / Los angeles

These are the most stunning shorts I have ever seen. And Olivia pulled them off perfectly. It's a shame they're vintage and from spain translation; yet another nice thing I will never find or wear.