My Dream, Her Reality

Every little girl dreams to have everything handed to her by the ring of a bell. When I was very little I had dreams about being a paediatrician and growing up to help every little kid that entered the hospital. I don't really know how I knew what it was at such a young age but I did (and I damn well had the brains for it).

Mina-Jacqueline Au (socialite) takes us on a tour of her day during Fashion Week

Later in life I grew up and stayed smart but now my dreams are a bit different - just an iota.If there was one thing I want to be in life it's asocialite!

Mina-Jacqueline Au allows us to see what its like to be a socialite in New York

The money, the fashion, the glamour, the people who see you as a role model, I WANT IT ALL. You can call me plastic, I don't mind as long as my bag is juicy couture and my dress Vivienne Westwood - I don't care!

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