My life is a parallel universe

I need some serious guidance. What do I want to be in the future? That is the biggest question I am carrying around on my brain cells. Both of my options have similar ways of living... but which one would I prefer? You get to see and travel the world, meet new people and see cool things and the other one you get to see and travel the world, meet new people and see cool things. That was no help. So how do I chose?


I love to think I could be one of those people to build the biggest most inspirational buildings in the world and when someone walks in front of that building. They will think wow, that person has done a really great job.

Fashion Columnist/ Editor in chief of magazine

Get to meet, wear and comment on the coolest people in the media. Another way of expressing yourself.

While my friends are out playing in the snow and screaming about the next hot boy they are fancying, I am sat at home racking my brains out. If I fail I don't have parents to give me millions to get back on my feet. Its so hard for me to make up my mind up. You look at adults of today and think they've got it all figured out you forget they had to go through all of this as well. it kills me to think I could grow up to be an underachiever or to realise I wish I had chosen a different path to the one I have chosen and I really have to start thinking now. My childish thoughts are officially over time to grow up.

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