Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back

What I don't understand is why people have a strong dislike for the Gothic fashion. It is not always ugly platform boots and chains linking from your nose to your ear. I actually believe pulling off wearing all black (or mostly) actually requires real fashion sense and creativity. Most people rely on the colours to let the outfit speak but if it is just one then you can not rely on anything but your self to make it look right.


The problem with wearing black is the fact that you can easily get sucked into the outfit where it seems like your head is floating.


The great thing is it will make you look slimmer and statement pieces are much easier to make like a belt with a gold buckle or red shoes. Reason: there is nothing else to take the attention away from it! Fabulous.


  1. I agree... black isn't about blanketing yourself in the color and material. You need to play with the silhouette, different materials and accessorize. I think Gothic fashion has it's place and there are great examples of it, but unfortunatley so many lack the creativity and just think ripping holes in tights or draping lace all over is the way to go.

  2. Insightful post, nicely put, usage of dark tones along with textures, form of shapes and accessories. You can appreciate all forms of fashion and that goes with Gothic too. =]

    @ The GUILTY HYENA †

  3. I totally agree with you. There's a huge dose of elegance in black that no other color can offer. I love how it looks good to everybody. There's a reason why LBD is a must in every single woman's closet. =)


  4. i agree!!! :)

    i love wearing black statement pieces in winter!


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