Rating: Glittery Nails!

I've slowly, but surely fallen in love with Max Factor's Max Effect nail polish - especially because it works well with the Christmas and New Year period. I bought it in Ivory (02), which is has very fine glitter in it. Most people think glitter is tacky, which is an understandable opinion as most glitter nail varnishes have large chunky glitter flakes, but I am sure those people will beg to differ once they see this nails varnish. 

I was also shocked by the size of that bottle at first glance. It's tiny! However, once I tried it, it felt like a very good quality nail varnish and it's chip resistant, which makes me feel like it was (slightly) worth it.  I put on a manicure pink nail varnish first to give it a more natural shade.

I am also thinking of trying OPI's Gone Gonzo nail lacquer. Let's hope I am just as impressed with that as I am with this. 

Score: 8/10

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