'A Mocha With an Extra Shot of Influence Please'

I love coffee. I love it black, I love it with milk, I love a frap, I love it strong, I love it iced, I love it with friends, I love it on my own, I even love an espresso. This is something many of my friends have grown to know me for. However, this was not always the case; I actually used to hate coffee. I am not sure how this changed exactly, but I know that on the way home, my friends used to always have the need to stop by the coffee shop and so my love began to grow. It started with herbal tea (which i also love), moved on to Chai Tea then hot chocolate, a mocha and eventually, I had tried nearly every coffee option in Starbucks. This has taught me over the years that friends can have the biggest influence on you. It is a weird conclusion to make, but a true one. Today it is coffee. What is it tomorrow?

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  1. I really enjoy your writing! :) I'm following your blog so I can keep up with it..