Valentine's Day. Yay or Nay?

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So another Valentine's Day has come and gone. For some people this can mean cards, presents, chocolates and many more (not necessarily from a lover) , but for the unfortunate ones, this can mean a tub of  ice-cream while watching Bridget Jones for the fifth time this week. Nice.

The question that seems to plague my soul  year, after year, after year is whether Valentine's Day is a positive thing or a negative thing. Shouldn't every day be a day that you show someone why you love them? Does it make more people feel good than it does bad? Is Valentine's Day just a way for businesses to increase their profit? Nobody really knows the true answer to these questions, but you can usually tell whether a person has enjoyed Valentine's Day or not, in the past, by their answers to these questions.

Personally, I love Valentine's Day. Not because I am excited to receive presents, because if that was the case, I would be very disappointed. No. I love it because I love the idea of people that would not usually express their love for others, expressing their love for others. I love it because seeing how happy some people get when they receive their first Valentine's Day card is just so cute. I also love seeing the oldest couples celebrating Valentine's Day. It's almost as if they are saying 'we made it'. Despite all the good thinga that have made me love Valentine's Day, I personally have not had the best experiences.

I have given out two Valentine's Cards in my life. Well, two Valentine's cards that weren't to my parents or some sort of class activity. The first card was to an ex. It didn't end well so I thought a Valentine's Card with an apology inside would make us be on good terms. He told me that he received it and we never spoke of it again.The second card, was to a friend. What this taught me was to be careful who you give a card to. Long story short, we did not speak for a good six months after that.

Valentine's Day may not always be a good experience, but I guarantee that the one time that it is, will be worth all the other troublesome ones.... I hope.

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