Missing you and hoping that you're missing me too.

These pictures are from a picnic I held in the park last
week to raise money for Project Trust (check my vlog). 

Hello beautiful people,
Do you ever get those nights when you lay in bed thinking about someone you haven't spoken to in a long time. You start to miss them a lot and wonder if they miss you too. For a split second you pick up the phone, put their name in to a text before erasing it, thinking you'll do it another day.  It always shocks me how today someone can be your bestfriend and tomorrow you'll be trying to remember their names as you tell the new people in your life a funny anecdote. The worst thing about it is that you don't usually realise; It starts as meeting up less, calling less, texting less until it turns into two years with not even as little as a hi. You're probably wondering where this rant came from. At my picnic, I saw a few of my old bestfriends. I never thought I'd ever stop speaking to them and somehow, I don't even know when, but I did

Precious x

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