'Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.' Buddha

So today I went to Brick Lane to get myself some vintage sunglasses as the sun is started to show its face and it's about time it did. From someone who is a fan of winter, I must admit I've missed laying around in my shorts on a lovely warm day. I don't think the weather is about there yet, but it's surely getting there. 

Today, my friend and I discussed something and when the story was retold, we both couldn't agree on how it went. It made me realise how different people interpret situations. Of course, I still think my story is the right story, but I'm sure she thinks the same. Do you not wonder whether things would be different if we didn't see things our way, but the right way. I'm sure friendships and relationships may last that little longer. You're probably thinking 'why is she stating something so obvious', but it's just a thought. Most people get in to disagreements feeling like the victim,  but there can't be two victims. As the common quotes goes, 'Don't believe in everything you hear or you see, there are always three sides to every story. Your's, theirs and the truth...'. 


  1. That's so true and a really beautiful quote! Followed you on bloglovin. Maybe you wanna follow back?


    xx Selina

    1. yes, of course, I'll follow you back now. I'll also follow you on blogspot :)

  2. Those vintage sunglasses are cute! They look good on you.


  3. Love feminine floral against a masculine utility jacket :) Great look!

    Veloria in Velvet