365 Days of Summer

Trainees at the lycée
From the sweltering heat to the dusty roads, I can safely say that I am no longer in England. I've been in Senegal for a week and five days and every day is as surprising and intriguing as the last. I've spent my days working in the centre and exploring my new habitat, while my nights usually involve dancing at the lycée (school) or sitting outside my host family's house, chatting until it's morning.

Learning how to cook with the trainees
A few days ago, my partner was convinced into learning how to cook Ceebu Jen (rice and fish), while I went to the lycée to help them set up for the summer school activities taking place that afternoon.

 'Ana Aissatou', or 'Where is Susanna' in English, asked a friendly trainee.

 'Aissatou is cooking Ceebu Jen.' I replied. 

The whole courtyard filled with laughter and clapping. 'Aissatou is cooking Ceebu Jen! How amazing. Why are you not there?' exclaimed another trainee. 

I laughed and smiled, pleased with myself for getting out of a difficult morning of slaving away in the kitchen. 'I came to help you of course.' 

All their heads shook. They were not going to let me get away with this. 'You will cook for us.'

I nodded. I knew the day would come, not this soon, but I knew it would.  'Suba', or for those who manage to not speak Wolof, 'tomorrow', I replied. 


  1. Looks like you are having a really fun time..
    Keep in touch,

  2. Literally 'lol'-ed! I can just imagine you looking so innocent in saying that you genuinely wanted to help them rather than cooking - typical :P x