"To get lost is to learn the way." ~ African proverb

Talking to Thierno
Thieno is one of the first friends I made when I arrived in Kaolack. He lives with and is a relative of our host. 

Precious: What is your name?
Thierno: Thierno, you know my name!
P: How old are you?
T: I am 19 years old.
P: Really? La blague (joke)?
T: Yes, la blague, but you can write that.
P: What do you  like to do when there is no school?
T: Play football, talking with my friend.
P: So it is your favourite sport? You like it?
T: Yes, a lot.
P: Tell me about your bestfriend.
T: My bestfriend? I have two bestfriends. Moustapha and Mohammed. Moustapha is a very good person. He all the time call me to say he is fine. It's my friend who is in Dakar. Mohammed is my first bestfriend. We were together when we are 5 years old. I lived with him for two years until I came here. 
P: The guy we met yesterday was he your brother?
T: No, but I call him my brother. I have one brother, his name is Abou. [The interview] it's finished?
P: No, where is the best place to go in Kaolack?
T: The best place to go in Kaolack [thinks] Kasaville.
P: What is it?
T: It's a corner (neighbourhood) where I was born. I like this corner very well. Every Friday, I go there to pray.
P: Can you dance?
T: I don't like to dance, but I like listening to music [pause] and Koranic music. 


  1. Reading his interview, he seems to be a very clean harted person...
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