12 Nov: "You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six." Yogi Berra

Drinks at Blue Bar, our first trip to a fast food restaurant in Senegal
Margarita pizza at Blue Bar 
EDK, our second trip to a fast food restaurant
Chips and a wrap with loads of chips and meat in it.... I asked for a veggie! The tomatoes make it veggie right?
Our pizza to celebrate our special day. We chose to celebrate it  at EDK.
Who are you smiling at?

As the Senegalese believe in loads of sugar, loads of oil, loads of salt, loads of everything in everything, you can only imagine what the junk food is like here.  A simple burger usually has a burger, chips, cheese, egg, fried onions, loads of sauce and probably more meat in it – think of a McDonald’s breakfast muffin with extra everything.

Although I enjoy healthy eating (which I have been forced abandon in Senegal), I find myself spending my weekends at the local fast food restaurant stuffing my face with food that could probably feed a family of ten. No, it is not gluttony, but the large portions combined with it being rude to not finish a meal in Senegal. 

Today, I have an excuse as to why I’m on a motorbike-taxi on my way to one of the local fast food restaurants after dinner. Today is ‘National Pizza With the Works Except Anchovies Day’. Yes, this is a real day.
As my partner and I stare at the menu we discuss the ‘viande hachée’, which we think is 'minced meat', but decide to go for ‘Reine’, mistaking it for ‘king’ when it is actually ’queen’. Excited, we wait for what we expect to be some sort of meat feast, but receive what appears to be a margarita with olives. My partner hates olives. Great.

Despite the misunderstanding, and having to pick the olives and put them on my side of the pizza, we both thought the pizza was delicious. Since it was just my partner and I, something that rarely every happens, It came with a chance to relax, chat and laugh the way the English do. A small reward for our 10 hour shifts and very little sleep.   

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