Caractères d'Animal

Animal prints have been in for a long time and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. The real problem here is how to wear it with out actually looking like an animal yourself. The number one rule to wearing animal print is not to over do it! A little print is prefect, but no-one should wear it from head to toe - unless they are the animal of course.

"I chose animal print because every girl likes to be as wild as a tiger but as sweet as a small cat" - Roberto Cavalli on Running In Heels

ROBERTO CAVALLI - Silk animal-print blouse

The best thing to do is to wear the animal print with something monotone (e.g black, brown, grey). This way you make the dull piece look more stylish and the animal print toned down.


  1. animal prints, snake skin and fur.. love. them. all.

    Just call me cruella de fashion- oohh yeaahh.

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  2. hi dear thank you for the lovely comment!

    oooh animal prints! beautiful for carpets, btw. and dresses too. in every oman there's a tiger waiting to unleash herself, isnt there?

    bisous ma belle ;]

  3. ou animal print ! hot hot hot. thanks so much for stopping by : ) would love for you to stop by more often. have a great new yr!

    xx lue