"When I was a teenager, I was really angry at the world, a true rebel."

A day with my new camera in a friends house

Sometimes I forget that I am just a teenager and teenagers should be doing teenagery things and not worrying twenty for seven about what university I'll be going to or what I am going to be in the future. I know I shouldn't leave it entirely up to 'Future Precious' either no matter how awesome she may be for all the stuff she will have to deal with because I just have no time to deal with it now. I must get her a present one of these days. Haha!

The front of a law firm in Liverpool Street (London)

It's weird how when your a teenager being in a relationship is the most time consuming, desired but yet most awkward thing ever. Now that I actual think about it all the people that tell me what to do and how to act and blah have as much as a clue as I do since they are the same age as me and going through the same things. We're all just hormone driven, confused people with no experience walking around like zombies on speed thinking we know it all. I can't wait until I'm matured and can actually look back and think 'Ha! I was so stupid' and crindge at all the embarrassing photos, video and memories that would of accumulated over the years.

Quote taken from a guy called heapocra

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  1. i COMPLETELY know what you mean about being a silly awkward teenager. i figure it's just part of life, and i want to make the best memories i can!

    you're very pretty, and good luck with your architecture dreams!