'Some things are just better left the way they are.'

Ray-ban Original Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses and Topshop Preppy Textured Cardigan

I have to say that this photo on it's own is stunning. Not for any reason but the mere fact that is was not choreographed. Olivia Palermo looks simple yet statement-al with the preppy careless look (a look I adore) as the bow seems to tie the look together. This outfit could have taken a different turn if just one of the items where removed or replaced, however, she seems to have managed to get the just the right amount simple without becoming bland.

Title is a quote by Lauren Conrad

Keeping to that note, I went to the shop today to purchase the new issue of Teen Vogue. To my little surprise (and bigger joy) ,Lauren Conrad's fresh face emerged from behind the clutter of several other teen magazines. There is something about her look that I have to love and the Fact or Fiction page, showing her in a cute Chloe mini dress, emphasised on my point. Simple and elegant is always the way to go. Tell me what you think.

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