The 60s

Okay, let us go back to a time where worries were exposed through song and smiling was as fashionable as not smiling. The 60s. I know I did not exist in this time, but I feel like I miss it so much! As I go through songs, pictures and videos from this time I almost feel a sense of nostalgia. This period was made for me. Stand By Me by Ben E King really lifted my mood and took me to my happy place today. I know I sound slightly crazy when I say that, but this weekend did not go according to plan, leaving me sitting at home alone doing unfinished work, sulking about Andy Murray losing and searching for my camera usb (which explains the dearth of my original photos). 

Yesterday I went to a festival not knowing that I needed someone over the age of 18 to get in. So my friends and I casually strolled in to be shunned back home. This left me very depressed and feeling like I had wasted what could have been an excited weekend. If anyone has a time machine, please let me know so that I can go to a happier time. I would not mind a younger me, but I would much prefer if you plopped me in the 60s and left me there. Maybe Ben would not mind taking me as his daughter. What do you think? 60s? 


  1. Ahhh the 60s.
    I too, believe I was born in the wrong era, 60s is defo where I belong. Not only music, fashion and hair - is the way to go if your looking for a time which made a difference to our overall outlook on the world of the arts and literature ;)
    What makes it even more believable is when today's artistic lifestyle doesn't appeal to us whatsoever !!

    Great post and even greater blog! Love your writing ! Great fan ;)

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