Songs of the Week:

So what's new to me this week?

1. Vampire Weekend - Diane Young

I have been waiting for Vampire Weekend to release something new for quite some time now. Their music is always unique. I cannot wait for their album!

2. Ambassadors - Unconsolable

Someone new and just my type. It is a shame that uncosolable is not a word, but since I like the song, they are forgiven.

3. Paramore - Still Into You

This one is definitely appealing to the young Precious who was totally obsessed with this band. I know it is not one of their best, but it has been in my head ever since I have heard it. It is a catchy little thing!


  1. Oooh, great selection!

    Am loving unconsolable (only you would point out that it's not an actual word :P)


  2. Very trending and recent,tasteful, you have very smitten personality with very good choices, Paul.