"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." - Victor Hugo

A pirouge, used as traditional fishing boats in West Africa. 

This boy used a bottle to catch fish for his Ceebu Jen. 

The beautiful tree in Foundiougne.

Susanna and I with out new french buddies. 

The family we stayed with. 

As I brush my toes against the water and let the waves crash again my feet to cool myself down from the sweltering heat, I find myself thinking about the wonders of life. Two months ago, I was strolling across Embankment, forgetting to take in the view, as people who are brought up in London do. I forgot to wave goodbye the my bestfriend, Big Ben. I forgot to watch the London Eye do it's final rotation for the day. I  generally just forgot to absorb all that London has to offer. Now, I watch the goats drag their feet along the dusty roads as the extravagantly dressed ladies sit idly by their stands filled to the brim with watermelons, bananas, lemons, nuts. They smile as you walk by as if to say "I've been waiting for you all day", making you feel guilty for being too full to have a watermelon today. 

As much as I love where I am volunteering in Senegal, getting away was a blessing. To not have to think about all the work that had to be done for a day was liberating, especially when getting away was to the 'joli'  Foundiougne. As I arrived on what looked like a boat dragging along some sort of hovercraft, I watched the people play along the beach. I was excited.  We were welcomed by the Jeremy, who had come from France to Senegal for 4 months to volunteer with his association, and spent the evening playing in the water then drying off at his friends house before getting ready for the next day. A day full of  exploring Foundiougne and absorbing the heat on a pirouge. 


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